About Company

VELOSTEEL TRADING Company, Inc. operates both in the domestic and international
markets since 1997. Since the establishment of the company we successfully continue
in the traditional production of our first-rate product „COASTER BRAKE.“  
This product is sold under the trademark "VELOSTEEL" to bicycle producers and business organizations throughout the world.

Through extensive engineering and technological equipment, we offer further services:
-  Galvanization
    (Chrome plating, zinc galvanizing, etc.)
    Decorative chrome gives gloss to all sorts of household complementary equipments
    especially the kitchen, and also to the wire program, cleaning technology, etc ...
-  Custom engineering production
    (pressing, machining on multi-spindle machines, heat treatment of metals, etc.)

Our company is the owner of the trade mark "VELOSTEEL" registered not only in the Czech Republic, but also in many countries worldwide. In addition, our company uses and is the owner
of the utility model n.17022 "Driving sleeve and roller guide ring connection system of coaster brake hub."

Czech Stability Award :
Our company has received the Czech Stability Award of the CZECH TOP 100 Scoring and has joined the ranks of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.

VELOSTEEL TRADING, a.s. | Rejhotice 221, 788 11 Loučná nad Desnou | Czech Republic | +420 583 302 211 |

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